Police Officer Joins Protesters In Prayer Outside Statehouse

With all the protests against the police in the country, Saturday morning in Columbus, Ohio began with prayer for unity in America.


At first, a few people arrived at the Ohio Statehouse and formed a circle and began praying along High Street and then a Columbus police officer on patrol stopped his cruiser when he saw the group and joined them in prayer.

Jacqueline Saunders, of Miriam’s Mission, said there were initial concerns when the officer showed up. “There was the initial fear when the police pulled up. Are we in trouble? Are we in the wrong spot? And when he got out and said he just wanted to pray for us, that he was encouraged to go into his day as a policeman by seeing prayer, it was more than what we could ask for. Even to hear him praying and pray with such a sincere heart,” Saunders said.

She said it turned into a powerful, peaceful moment. “That we would understand that violence, anger and hatred (are) not going to change a mindset or change a government. It’s going to take people coming together and understanding our differences. Understanding there’s only one God that can bring us together in peace,” Saunders said. “It’s going to take peace and sitting down together at a table to make changes and not tearing things up, hurting one another or despising our differences.”

Saunders said, “We were here to begin the day with prayer for the nation, the state and Columbus and for some of the things taking place as a result of people coming together to rally concerning lives.

She also said, “As we were out here praying it was amazing that a police officer pulled up and was so encouraged seeing prayer he stopped to pray for us. It was just…overwhelming. He just wanted to make sure everyone was safe. He prayed for our families, our homes, and then we prayed for him, as a governor of justice in our nation, we prayed for him. It was a perfect start to the day.”

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