Police Officer Dives Into Storm Drain To Save Five Ducklings As Mother Duck Paces Nearby

A police constable is winning praise after she jumped into a storm drain to save some ducklings who were stuck in it.

Constable Wendy Cormier of Truro Police Service in N.S, dived into the drain to rescue the ducklings while the mother duck waited patiently outside for her pack.


After a man noticed a mother duck almost get hurt by a speeding car on the street, he called the police.

“[After] a little further investigation he heard some chirping coming from the storm drain and he went over and saw them down there,” said Cormier.

A public works employee was also on the scene in a few minutes to help remove the drain cover.

Cormier immediately jumped into the drain, “I couldn’t get to the call fast enough actually to get them outta there,” said Cormier.

She says that since she was the most petite one among them, she decided to go in first and rescue them.

Once inside, she saw the ducklings walking in a pipe between drains.

Soon the public works employee too was int he other drain rescuing one of the ducklings.

Cormier had saved four of them, even as the mother duck was waiting patiently nearby.

“Once we got them out it was almost like she knew we had them and that they were safe,” said Cormier, as she put the ducklings in a box.

Cormier says that as soon as the ducklings were rescued, the mother duck started walking ahead of them signaling them to follow her.

She led them to the parking lot of a close-by restaurant.

The mother duck then stopped and waited for them to put the box down, and then the little ones started coming out of the box, straight to mommy.


This morning Cst Cormier rescued 5 little ducks from a storm drain on Robie St. The ducks were reunited with their mother to celebrate Mother’s Day!
Thanks for the assistance from the Town of Truro Public works department as well!

(Check out the video in the comments of Cst Cormier rescuing them!)

Posted by Truro Police Service on Sunday, May 12, 2019

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