Police Officer Holds On To Faith In God After Being Shot In The Neck

A police officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says he has been leaning on his faith after being shot and critically injured this year.


Thomas Mangan was shot in the neck and suffered damage to his Adam’s apple and voice box while chasing a suspect in Fountain Square in February this year.

Thomas and his wife, Emory Mangan found their strength in Christ during the darkest time of their lives.

Emory has been strong throughout and has been encouraging her husband with positive words. “I would say ‘Tommy you’re so strong. You got this Tommy.’ He would just shake his head — he would say no. ‘I’m weak but GOD is strong.'” Emory Mangan said.

Thomas says his faith in God has kept them going. “There’s lots of times, through difficult times, in life, there aren’t words for what you need,” Thomas Mangan said. “Having someone right here to hold your hand and lean on and support, when too weak has made all the difference.”


Thomas is also grateful for Emory supporting him during this difficult time. “Some people, through difficult circumstances, wouldn’t hold it together with big changes and end up leaving. Because her love for me is steadfast and unconditional, she’s still here with me.”

Now Thomas is getting ready for his upcoming surgery in the next few weeks and has some wise words for all aspiring to join the force. “Law Enforcement is not a job about glamour or yourself. It’s about service.” Thomas Mangan said.

2 Samuel 22:3-4 “My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior; you save me from violence. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.”


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