Police Officers Heroically Save Family Of 6 From Burning Home

Our police officers are doing such a wonderful job protecting citizens despite the criticism they face.

Recently a Phoenix police officer was seen crashing through a side gate to save a family of six while their house burned down all around them at a home off McDowell Road and 64th Avenue in Phoenix on Saturday.


Eighty-year-old grandmother, Ruby Johnson Smith, was sleeping on a living room chair when the fire broke out around 7 p.m., “I don’t know what happened,” said Smith. “I don’t know where it started from or how it started. You can see I’m shaking in my boots right now, but it’s really starting to register now,” said Smith.

Smith was worried for her daughter and four grandchildren, who she thought would be trapped. But those fears were washed away after neighbors and a couple of Phoenix police officers jumped into action, lifting the kids over a backyard wall.

“I guess my daughter must have been yelling, ‘Fire. Fire!’ So he got back there and helped them over the fence,” said Smith. “I appreciate them so much. There’s a crown for them that God is going to crown them for the help they did for us.”


The officers were on a call at an apartment complex across the street when they saw smoke and flames coming from the house. Witness to the incident, neighbor Josie Aragon was home when the fire broke out and saw the officers get Smith and her family to safety.

“Oh, thank God, that’s all I kept telling her,” said Aragon. “You know what, Ruby, you’re very lucky your kids are safe, and everybody is safe. Material things can be replaced.”

“I just can’t thank them enough,” said Smith. “So thankful for police officers, the fire department, Red Cross, and all the neighbors.”

The reason for the fire is not clear but Smith and her family are thankful to God that they got out on time, thanks to the Phoenix police officers.


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