Teen Creates Prayer Wall to Tackle Mental Health Issues at School

In Whitley County High School, Kentucky, a high school student, has initiated a unique approach to address mental health issues and suicide among her peers.

prayer wall at school

Inspired by a TikTok trend, Sophy Jones started a prayer wall in her school. This wall is adorned with sticky notes bearing Bible verses and messages of hope, like “Jesus loves you.”

Jones, who has faced her own mental health challenges, found solace in her faith. “God saved me,” she expressed in an interview with WKYT-TV.

Her idea was to create a space where students could find encouragement and support through God’s Word. They can take a note for personal inspiration or add new ones to the wall.

With the availability of Chromebooks at school, students can easily explore these verses further.

Evelyn Philpot, a friend and classmate of Jones, joined in this endeavor. Philpot shared a touching incident where she saw a student positively impacted by one of these notes. This observation confirmed the effectiveness of their project in helping others.

Both Jones and Philpot are part of First Priority, a student-led Christian organization at Whitley County High.

Todd Lawson, the director of this organization, praised the girls for their initiative. He emphasized the importance of prayer and God’s love in finding hope and feeling valued.

As these students prepare to graduate, their hope is that the tradition of the prayer walls will continue, spreading messages of love, faith, and encouragement to future students facing their own struggles.