Pregnant Wife Jumps Into Water To Save Husband’s Life After Shark Attack

Pregnant women are often considered the most vulnerable in our society but one brave woman is breaking stereotypes after she saved the life of her husband from the most deadly attack.


Brave act by pregnant woman

Margot Dukes’s husband, Andrew Eddy was attacked by a shark while he was spending time snorkeling with family in the Florida Keys. It came at an unexpected time when they were on the boat with family and having a wonderful time at Florida Keys when Andrew was suddenly bitten by a shark on the shoulder.

He started flailing in the water so that he couldn’t even make it back to the ladder on the boat and that is when Margot, who is heavily pregnant with a baby girl due next month, entered into the water to save his life.

“Next thing I know, I see flailing and he’s screaming. And there’s just all red blood,” Margot’s mother said. “Then he didn’t know if he could make it to the ladder. And my pregnant daughter jumped in to help him.”

Andrew was allegedly bitten by a bull shark which was confirmed by other boaters near Margot and Andrew’s family who spotted one up to 9 nine feet that day. After she pulled him from danger, they were met by medics on the beach, and Andrew was taken to an ambulance and rushed to a hospital. Although he is recovering from a severe shoulder injury, his life was saved all thanks to his brave pregnant wife.


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