Adorable Puppy Sneaks Into Live News Report

When FOX DC reporter Bob Barnard was doing his job reporting from the icy streets of northern Virginia he got the most heartwarming story for his shoot.

An adorable puppy ran out into the street to greet him, “I don’t see an owner,” Barnard said and bent down to grab the pup.


The compassionate reporter even scraped the ice off one viewer’s vehicle during the shot and was holding the pup while he chatted with the anchors back at the station.

“I’ll keep an eye on her,” he said, waving to someone off-camera as the pup licked the side of his face.

Soon a woman came out from a nearby home and told him that their puppy, ‘Pierogi’ had “jumped right through the gate.”

“Life is good,” Barnard can be heard saying in the video as he reunites the woman and her dog. The video has garnered a million views on FOX 5’s YouTube page.

Barnard and animals In 2015, Fox News had reported that a moth had laid two eggs in Barnard’s ear while he was reporting live from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.