Love Triumphs Over Tragedy: The Inspiring Wedding Story of Travis and Rachael

Travis Johnson and Rachael Bozsik had been all set for their dream wedding. But a motorcycle accident threatened to change everything. Despite this unexpected turn of events, the couple found joy in their love and faith in God.


When Amber Artis, a professional matchmaker, introduced Travis Ogden Johnson to her friend and business associate, Rachael Leigh Bozsik, little did they know that it would mark the beginning of a beautiful love story. Despite initial skepticism, Travis and Rachael hit it off during a phone call arranged by Ms. Artis and decided to meet in person, setting the stage for a romance that would soon blossom.

“I had been smitten from our phone conversation, and I knew that if she was half as pretty as her photos, I would be in trouble,” Travis said. “When she walked toward me and lowered her mask to give me a huge smile, I was done,” he recalled.

The pair went on a helicopter sunset tour for their first date, neither one of them expecting much from the other. It was only after their second date, which Rachael reluctantly agreed to go on, that they really began to develop feelings for each other. Rachael was then slowly convinced that Travis was the one for her, and Travis likewise.

Then a completely unexpected event turned their lives upside down, their love and commitment to each other were put to test. Travis and Rachael had already been engaged and were planning their wedding when the unthinkable happened. Travis got into a horrific accident, that changed everything.

Travis was on his way home when, in a split second, a car collided with his motorcycle. The damage was severe – both his arms and wrists were broken, his leg and ankle were fractured, and one hand and elbow were damaged severely. It took a grueling 19-hour surgery to put him back together. Before going into surgery, he implored a nurse to send a text message to Rachael on his behalf, telling her how much he loved her, in case he didn’t make it through.

All praise to God, Travis miraculously got through the surgery, and his physical condition was somewhat stabilized, but another challenge awaited him and his fiancé. Travis would have to rely on a wheelchair for the next 8 months while he recovers from the traumatic experience.  However, the ordeal inspired the couple to grow stronger and deeper in their love for each other.


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Rachael shared it on Instagram saying, “I have never felt closer to T as much as I did through all of this. I told him I’d marry in the hospital and meant it. He was scared. Really scared. Yet – somehow … he up for me in big ways. Asking friends to call me and take care of me. Telling me how beautiful I looked as I poked him far too many times with shots, got casts and rammed his wheelchair into the wall. We’re learning and we are learning together with a lot of love. The groceries, the hospital FaceTime’s, the fuzzy blankets, the candles, the cards, the understanding clients, the puppy watching, the flowers. The love. It’s the love.”

The couple got married on the 7th of January which was attended by a few friends and family.  God was holding them together as they went through the trauma and the couple came out victorious, their love firmly established.

In a touching tribute to Travis’s father, Terry, who was battling cancer, they decided to revert to the original spelling of their last name, Johanson, as they signed their marriage certificate.

As humans, we don’t like it, but oftentimes, God transforms us through challenges and difficult experiences, shaping us for His purpose. We are called to submit to the process, so that our hearts can be refined, and our love strengthened, allowing us to face any storm with God’s grace at the center of our lives. This was evident in the story of Travis and Rachael. We pray that they grow in love and find God’s grace and glorify Him with their lives.

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