Radio DJ Raises Money For 20-Year-Old Who Walked 6 Hours To Work Due To Broken-Down Truck

A radio DJ has gone above and beyond to help a 20-year-old in the most heartwarming way and his story is now going viral all over the internet.

ramblin ray stevens radio dj

Radio personality Ray “Ramblin’ Ray” Stevens was driving when he noticed 20-year-old Braxton Mayes, walking multiple times, and for a long period of time. He stopped to offer the young Chicago man, a ride and learned more about the former high school football player.

Mayes said the reason why he was walking six hours to and fro to work daily was that his 2006 GMC truck recently broke down and meant he had to walk a 12-mile journey (24 total) daily that took three hours each way. Mayes said he would leave for work at 4 a.m. in order to arrive on time at 7 a.m.

“This guy checks all the boxes,” Stevens said. “He’s a good, solid human being. People are having a hard time finding people to work and here’s a guy walking three hours one way just because his truck broke down.” He created a GoFundMe page to raise funds to fix Mayes’ truck and till now the fundraiser has already earned over $8,000.

Stevens says that additional money raised past the amount needed to repair the truck will be donated to local Chicago food banks. Mayes said that since he was raised with a strong work ethic, he was okay walking to work each day, he is grateful for the donations and support he’s received.

“It brought me to tears,” Mayes said. “I didn’t know when I would come up with the money to fix it or how many times I would have to walk.” The repairs to Mayes’ truck will likely be finished soon and till then, his employer will give him a ride.

Meanwhile, Stevens has started calling Mayes his “new guy” and has shared a video on Instagram thanking those who have been following their story. He told his followers there that he’s planning to take Mayes and his family out to dinner soon to get to know him better because he’s a “good guy.”


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