‘I Thought I Was Going To Die’ : Weather Reporter Rescues Woman From Flooded Car

A Dallas woman stranded in her SUV in flash floods in Texas is thankful to God after she was rescued by a TV Weather reporter.


When Fox Weather journalist Robert Ray was on location reporting on the Texas flood, little did he know that he would end up saving the life of a woman Stephanie Carroll after her car was partially submerged in the flash flood.

Caroll’s car was floating in the water, and she started getting anxious. Thank God that Robert Ray was in the right place right time.

Caroll said, “I’m OK. I’m OK by the grace of God,” she told Fox Weather after her rescue. “I thought I was dying. I thought I was going to die.”

Robert tried to push the vehicle to safety, but when he realized that wasn’t possible, he quickly pulled her through one of her car windows and carried her to safety.

“I thought I was going to drown.” Caroll said.

On his part also Ray was quite taken aback by the situation and said, “I’ve never been in a situation like this,” he said.

Ray and Caroll spoke on camera just minutes after he saved her life and she was calm and relieved.

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