3 Young Sisters Sing Cover Of ‘Risen’

The Asidors Home present a beautiful rendition of Shawna Edwards’ ‘Risen.’


The vocals are by Khym Brianna Banzuelo Asidor ‘Bree’, Ashiana Lexi Gultiano Asidor ‘Ashia’, and Mitzianna Drielle Gultiano Asidor ‘Zian’.

The song has been arranged by Huly Ray Asidor and is a wonderful cover of the original by Shawna Edwards.

When darkness veiled the sky the day that Jesus died
In agony upon the bitter cross
They took His body down and laid it in a tomb
His friends believed that everything was lost.
But when the third day came, the darkness turned to light
For Mary heard her name and saw the living Christ.

Souls all around the world are singing this song and the words of the song are written with such deep meaning and the music is so beautiful and uplifting.

To set the captives free
To ransom you and me
To bind up every broken heart
To conquer death and sin.
To bring us home again.

We praise God for this beautiful cover by The Asidors Home and we pray that God continues to use them to present praise and worship to the glory of His name.


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margaret Ingham

beautiful voices


Beautiful……absolutely beautiful.

Johnnie Iguess

Awesome voices.. Oh my so young, can you imagine as they grow, even how much more Beautiful their voices will be?

Rodger Lausterer

Beautiful thank you.

Marlene Gibson

These three pretty Misses are truly blessed. I pray that as they grow, they continue to worship our Lord through their singing. Did a beautiful job, God Bless.


Adorable,and can’t wait till they grow up, to hear how they have grown in their skills.

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