3-Year-Old Boy Helped Save Lives Of Four People Through Organ Donation

Mars Bedell left this world at a very young age, but this precious little boy was able to save the lives of four people including two children and two adults.


The 3-year-old Houston boy lost his life on July 5 in an accidental drowning. But his grieving parents wanted to keep his sweet memories alive through the lives he save, so they decided to donate his organs.

The boy who loves super heroes was a fighter since his birth. He was born with a condition that they didn’t think he would survive. But he survived. Today Mars is a real-life super hero and a blessing to many people.

On July 7, hospital staff, family, and friends of Mars honored him with a honor walk.

Let us pray for the devastated family of Mars Bedell; losing a child is the saddest thing a parent can go through, and while they are mourning his loss, we are sure he is in heaven with his real hero.


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