Heroic School Bus Driver Saves Student from Near Miss with Passing Car

A school bus driver in Ohio hailed a hero for her quick response in preventing a student from being hit by a passing car. The incident happened on February 23, and was captured on video.


The footage showed the bus stopping to drop off a student, who was about to exit the vehicle when the alert driver noticed a car approaching from the right side. In a split second, the driver reacted by shouting “Whoa, wait, wait, no! No! Stay! Stay!” and pulling the student back by his backpack.

The passing car then slowed down and stopped next to the stationary bus, with the student still safely onboard. Thanks to the driver’s quick thinking and reflexes, the student was spared from a potentially hazardous situation.

The video was shared by Tecumseh Local Schools to raise awareness about bus safety and to recognize the heroic actions of the driver. The school district expressed their gratitude on Facebook, stating, “We are feeling very grateful this evening for the alertness and quick actions of one of our amazing bus drivers.”

Judy Mendenhall, the boy’s grandmother, also praised the driver’s actions, saying, “God bless her, our grandson, so scary to see, definitely had her eyes out for his safety. Not enough thanks can be expressed to her for being observant and quickly stopping him. God was watching and praise her awesomeness, it is beyond deserved.”

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