Kind Custodian Keeps Special Closet At School To Feed And Clothe Hungry and Homeless Students

A generous janitor is being praised online for not only just keeping her school clean, but also keeping the students safe and secure.

Carolyn Collins is the custodian at Tucker High School in Tucker, Georgia. She is generally found picking up after the students, mopping the floors, and restocking the bathrooms.

However, three years ago, an unusual event happened at the school which added a twist to Carolyn’s job.

Carolyn was busy doing her early-morning chores before the first bell, when two students approached her saying that they were starving and had nowhere else to go.

Carolyn had her own son when he was killed during a home invasion, felt urged to help the youngsters.

She decided to change one of the school closets into a supply room where food, clothing, and resources for struggling students could be kept.

Carolyn says that during the year, she opens her special closet for up to 30 kids who have nowhere else to go.

God bless this kind soul and we pray for blessings on her life and restoration for her soul.

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