Scientist Who Thought God Was A Fairy Tale Comes To Christ After He Read The Bible

A well known and respected scientist who thought God was a fairy tale, has discovered God exists after reading a Bible presented to him by someone.

Josef Chaloupka

Josef Chaloupka believed things on the basis of evidence, “If there is some exact scientific evidence with which you can prove something, you prove it,” he says.

As a kid he had a strong fascination for science and math and how things worked, which led him to study at a technical university.

“I chose Automation Management as a branch, which was a combination of robotics, programming, electronics, and I have stayed in this field practically until today,” Josef explains. “I really like to design new algorithms which can help us recognize different signals, and I love teaching a lot because I like to pass on the scientific knowledge I gain to students.”

One day two men were passing out Bibles in front of the university Josef worked at, and that incident completely changed Josef’s life.

“I was happy to take the Bible from them because I wanted to read what the whole story of Jesus is about,” he shares. “I had always thought the story of Jesus and how he was raised from the dead was a fairytale. I wanted to read the Bible mainly so that I could talk with other Christians, because when you want to debate with someone, it is necessary to have all the information.”

But as he began reading the Bible, Josef found the scripture were completely different than what he had thought before.


“I began to find out it has a very logical structure and it’s not just a fairytale, that God is totally different from what I ever imagined. I also found out that Jesus was in this world for totally different reasons than I had originally thought,” he explains. “I was surprised how kind he is and how different he is from how I defined him, and I began to seek Him.”

He said it transformed his life, “At the moment I decided to really seek him, I was completely transformed inside. At that moment, it was as if I was struck by lightning. When you’re struck by lightning, you feel extreme pain. Of course, in my case, it was not so. On the contrary, I was struck by absolute peace and rest. Since that moment, I have known, know with a capital K, that God really exists.”

Josef explains that people think science and faith cannot exist together. But he believes that the complexity of the world just proves that there is a God.


“Today there is a whole range of excellent scientists who have reached the edge of their research and found out there is really something more. That all the world systems, whether physics, chemistry, or biology, are so complicated, complex, and intelligently created that behind this intelligent design, there must definitely be an intelligent creator,” he says. “For me, personally this intelligent creator is our God, Jesus Christ.”

Hallelujah! What a powerful revelation on the one true God given by a scientist of all people. May God continue to work in the life of Josef Chaloupka and may others from the scientist community also come to the realization that God truly exists and His son is Jesus Christ.


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