Teacher With Sick Husband Breaks Down In Tears As Secret Santa Surprises Her At School

Secret Santa strikes again. This time, he gave a kind and helpful third-grade teacher a gift, which seemed to be “larger than life.”


Susan, a teacher from Cloverdale Elementary School, has been a source of love for her students and many people. She helped a friend raise funds for adoption, made quilts, sold them, and gave the money to her colleague whose spouse just died. She even helped someone remodel her kitchen. Guess helping people is a way of life for this kindhearted educator.

One might think that she is too busy doing things for others and does not have any concerns. Sadly, her husband battles Cancer for the third time now. Her meager salary is not enough to cover all of their expenses.

Thankfully, Secret Santa stepped in. He helps people anonymously. He works with East Idaho News, and they give extravagant gifts to deserving people in Idaho. The News Elves Team, led by Nate Eaton, goes around Idaho spreading holiday cheer this season.

The big day came, and Nate paid this teacher a surprise visit in the middle of her class. “We’re here because a Secret Santa..to give some presents to your teacher,” he said. Her third-grade students shouted in unison for Susan to open her gifts at that exact moment and to not wait for Christmas to come. Judging from the way she looked, she seemed to be holding back her tears.

The overwhelmed woman was handed the first box. It contained $1,000 worth of gift cards from a Craft Store. She loves to do crafts and sew as well. “Cause if you go this place, they know me, and I don’t ever buy things at regular price,” she explained when asked about what she could purchase using the gift. Now, she can buy anything she wants, even at its regular price.

Then, she opened the second box. “Boys and girls, this is a check. It’s not in the ones place, not in the tens place, not in the hundreds place, but it’s a thousand dollars. Do you know how much money that is?” she emotionally revealed to her young students. They were obviously stunned.

Susan appreciated the gifts a lot especially, at this time of the year. But, wait, there’s more! A gift larger than life was outside waiting for its owner. She was given a box with car keys inside. The kids burst into applause, truly happy for their dear teacher. Nate led her to go out of their school with her excited students.

When they stepped out of the door, Susan was just so excited! She could not believe that a blue Chevrolet car was hers now. “Thank you, thank you, guys. I could not believe how many lives are gonna be blessed. And I never thought for me. I wanted it for another person,” she explained.

Interestingly, though also in need, this woman has thought about who she could nominate to be given a gift by Secret Santa. She had been watching Secret Santa the night before and was contemplating who she could help through the said program. She’s selfless and loving to the core. No wonder many people, including her students’ parents, love her a lot.

Indeed helping and loving people is not in vain. One can never outdo God’s generosity. He’s always ready to help us when we need it. May we also be generous in giving out love and joy not only this season but at all times.

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

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