Reaction Of Shelter Dog Who’s Just Been Saved Is Precious

Our world is not a kind place for animals, and we daily hear of tales of cruelty done to them, but when you hear of someone rescuing them or showing them kindness, we can’t help feeling happy.

This viral video of a sick dog being rescued from a shelter by ‘Howl of a Dog’ and falling asleep on the rescuer’s lap will bring you to tears.

Bella was sick and confined to her shelter kennel all her life just waiting for somebody to come and rescue her.

So when she was rescued and given medicines and a bath by ‘Howl of a Dog’ and was being transported, she just fell asleep on one of the rescuers laps.

Bella was finally feeling loved and felt peaceful and trusted her rescuers so much that she rested her head on one of their laps.

Showing love and care to people and animals around us is the character of God in us and we all can do our bit to make this world a better place to live in.

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