The Singing Contractors’ Performs Powerful Rendition Of ‘Because He Lives’

Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett, the singing contractors are using their talents to glorify His name. These two talented men have been spreading the Word of God to millions of netizens since 2015.

In 2018, they joined the Gaither Music Group to continue their ministry. Today, the contractors are singing a live rendition of ‘Because He Lives’ from their new album ‘Working On A Building: Hymns And Gospel Classics.’. It’s truly a blessing to see these contractors worshipping the Lord.

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Marlene Gibson

Two outstanding voices singing out in praise of our Lord. I could listen to them a lot more.

Theresa Long

These men show their love of God, singing their praises to Him. Their voices are beautiful and a gift from teir maker.

Johnnie Iguess

I have been waiting for this song to be sang on here. I have listened 3 Xs. What a Blessing, this song always brings tears.Just because He lives, I can face tomorrow. They were awesome..

Tina Tong

Whaooooo whaooooo whaooooo whaooooo….i love It all

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