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Praise God guys! Keep your shield of faith up, put on the whole armour of God and Claim the blood of Jesus over you and your families. Claim God’s word against this demonic virus! Declare boldly, “I am a blood washed child of the Living God, I have been given all power and authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall in any way harm me. I curse this virus in the Name of Jesus, bind it and the powers behind it and command it out of our city and nation! Greater is the Holy Spirit in… Read more »

Lateesha Flenoy

Yesterday God spoke to me to warn his people that this is a wake up call for the nation and that he is the most of what’s going on. He said to tell the people to pray and not to worry and that he is in control of EVERYTHING! He said people has forgotten about him and now they are scared because of what’s going on. He said tell them JUST PRAY and I’ll make it leave! He said even some church folks not praying because their too busy listening to what they hear. He also said even when they… Read more »