Military Dad Surprises His Kids During School Assembly

Ackerman Elementary School’s students were expecting the ‘Be Kind’ assembly the Millard Public Schools District’s theme for the year.

But it turned into a sweet surprise for the Hansen siblings, Jennifer, her sister and brother, who were all invited on stage by Principal Skip Hanlon to talk about examples of kindness they display at home.

“I help my mom with the chores,” 13-year-old Aiden said into the microphone.

They were not aware who was waiting for them behind the scenes.

“I think that they’re gonna be in shock,” U.S. Air Force TSgt. Bradley Hansen said.

Their dad, Hansen was back home after deployment in the United Arab Emirates, “I’ve been gone for about six and a half months so I’m ready to see them,” Hansen said.

Principal Hanlon announced that a very special guest was present there among them, “Come on out very special guest,” Hanlon said, stepping aside.

Suddenly TSgt. Hansen appeared from the wall to the amusement of his kids.

Aiden burst into tears, saying “I was just so happy, I couldn’t believe it,” Aiden said.

Soon Hansen’s wife, Terese, came up with their fourth child, and the whole family were happy together. “It was so hard for me to keep it together, I thought that I was just gonna start crying,” Terese said.

Hansen has a lot of activities planned out with his kids and wife. “Just going fishing, hanging out with them at the house, playing with them,” Hansen said.

Terese was grateful to Principal Hanlon and the school to help plan the whole surprise. “I’m just so happy that they got to have this,” she said, “it’s something they’ll remember forever.”

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