Police Chief Gives Thanksgiving Meal To Homeless Mom Caught Stealing Food To Feed Children

Everyday thousands of people steal food and supplies to survive the day, but when caught in the act, they are dealt very sternly with.

A heartwarming story from Yale, Oklahoma, which started with shoplifting but ended in tears will surely melt your heart.

Yale Police Chief Phillip Kelly got a shoplifting call from a Dollar General store on Nov. 20 and it was not a convenient day for him to respond.

Ironically it was the very same designated for the police force to deliver donated Thanksgiving meals, and so when Kelly responded to the call and arrived at the store, he saw the video which showed the woman picking up stuff that she hadn’t paid for.

Surprisingly, it showed her putting it back before she left the establishment and she was a familiar face for Kelly as he immediately recognized her.

With his patrol car full of food, he searched out the woman who supposedly was living in her vehicle and was trying to take food for her family.

“I found the woman, and as I was talking to her, I told her, ‘You can’t go back in there. You know, you stole some food, and they don’t want you back in there,” Kelly said.

“She started crying and that made me tear up,” Kelly said. “After I gave her the trespass warning, I thought to myself, ‘The only right thing to do is feed her.

“That’s the only human thing to do.” But there was a problem: All of the turkeys were accounted for.

The kind-hearted police chief of this small town then drove to a nearby grocery store and bought everything the woman could need to celebrate Thanksgiving.

As he gave the food to her, he said the woman was overcome with emotion.

“She just couldn’t stop crying You know, and then [that] made me cry. … I’m supposed to be a tough cop and all, but it just gets you. There’s always somebody that needs help, that’s less fortunate than you, and by gosh, we’re going to help them.”

We too have tears in our eyes on reading this story, we need more kindhearted people like Officer Kelly in this world.

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