Mom FaceTimes Soldier Son Deployed Overseas, Minutes Later She Mistakes Him For A Waiter

No one knows how it feels like to live separated from dear loved family members better than our military families.

Teresa Pearson from Cullman, Alabama, has been terribly missing her son, Austin Pearson, who serves in the US Army and is stationed in South Korea for many months now.

None of Austin’s fellow troops were granted leave in November 2017, and so his family gave up hoping he would come home for the holidays. It would be their very first Christmas without him.

However, Teresa did not know that her son reapplied for leave for the next three weeks, and finally got his approval. He then planned to pull a surprise on Teresa and roped in his dad to plan it.

Teresa and her family headed out to a restaurant for dinner, and while at their table, Teresa was very happy when Austin FaceTimed her.

Teresa knew that Austin was still stationed in Korea because of their conversation.

As she said goodbye to Austin and hung up the phone, still joyful that she spoke to her son, a few seconds later, the waiter brought her order of chicken wings.

Well at least, Teresa thought it was the waiter, but actually it was her darling son Austin who had touched down at the airport and headed straight to the restaurant to complete the surprise he had planned with his dad.