Army Guard Snaps Photo of a Restaurant Owner Standing By Door Hoping for Customers and It Goes Viral

In Norman, Oklahoma, a small hot dog restaurant named “Spirals: Hot Dogs & More” faced a typical day. Scott Hosek, the owner, stood by the entrance, hoping for customers. On December 20, this scene changed unexpectedly, thanks to a customer’s simple action on social media.

restaurant owner waiting for customers spirals norman ok

Nick Chappell, serving in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, was in Norman for work. He and a co-worker found Spirals while looking for a place to eat on their weekly hot dog Wednesday. Chappell sensed Hosek’s desire for more business and took a photo, sharing it on Facebook with a positive message. His post unexpectedly went viral, gaining over 2,000 shares. This led to a surprising increase in customers, with over 70 people visiting Spirals after the post.

Both Hosek and Chappell were amazed by the power of the post. Hosek appreciated the unexpected support from a stranger. “To know that it was a humble guy that just saw our need and did what he could,” he said. “It was super cool.” Chappell, not usually active on social media, was surprised by the impact of his action. “I typically don’t share,” he stated. “It made me even that much happier that I did make a post.”

Their meeting at the restaurant later was a heartfelt moment, showing the significant impact of Chappell’s viral post. This event highlights more than the success of a small business. It underscores the strength of community support and how small actions can have large effects.

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