Act Of Kindness By Strangers Towards Independence Grandmother Will Move You

This world needs kindness and love to be demonstrated more often to make it a better place for all of us to live in.

An act of kindness by 30 strangers shown towards an Independence grandmother’s home has ensured that it won’t be condemned.

Gina Gibson “I was kind of not believing in people anymore and this just restored my faith in people, it’s pretty cool.”

Gibson said that “We got letters,” and that “There was a neighbor complaint that things weren’t up to code and it was more than what we could afford, so we just asked for help.”

Members of the Claycomo Ford Plant’s UAW 249 motorcycle committee responded to their desperate plea and agreed to help them out.

They showed up at her home equipped with tools, supplies and enough people to fix her siding and gutters.

“When we heard about this we knew we had to step in,” Gary Thomas said. “This world needs helpers. It really does.”