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stray dog

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant who frequently travels from her home Germany to Argentina. Six months ago, Sievers first met Rubio, a stray dog while walking around Buenos Aires. She fed the lonely pup and spend some time playing with him. After that, he refused to leave her side. Sievers wanted to avoid him before reaching her hotel. She tried to change her way, but he watched and followed her all the way. Up on reaching the hotel, he settled in at the entrance.

In the following days, the lonely pup waited outside Sievers hotel every. She named him Rubio and gave him an airline blanket to keep himself warm at night. Sievers returned to Germany on her next working day. But it was not the end of the unlikely beautiful friendship.

Every time Seivers came back to Argentina, Rubio was found waiting for her at her hotel. She arranged a loving home for Rubio with the help of a rescue team. However, he escaped from there and back to the door waiting until she returned to Argentina. He had decided Sievers was his owner.

After six months of waiting, Rubio received a big yes from his best friend. He was adopted and taken to Germany. Now Rubio is not a stray, enjoys the summer at his dream home getting plenty of love from his new owner.

flight attendant

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