Students Sings ‘Lean on Me’ To Principal Fighting Breast Cancer

Cancer is devastating news to anyone diagnosed with it, and it is only the love and support of near and dear ones around you that can help you battle cancer.

In an inspiring story covered by us earlier, a Chick-fil-A manager in North Carolina stopped in the middle of his service to pray for one of his employees. He asked everyone in the restaurant to stop and pray for Ms. Trish, an employee who was undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Recently, students from Bush Elementary School in Stockton, California, rallied around their school principal, Ms. Aissa who was also suffering from cancer.

The video shows the young students standing around in a crowd of peers and teachers who held pink breast cancer ribbons on sticks, which they had cut out and made themselves.

Ms. Aissa was standing among them, surrounded by her co-workers, crying with tears streaming down her face as she realised what members of the school were going to do.

The colleagues and students surprised her as they stood around her to support her during her battle with breast cancer, and sang a touching rendition of the song “Lean on Me.”

What a wonderful gesture of love and support for her, we send love and prayers for Ms. Aissa as she fights her battle with cancer.

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