Boy Cries After Hearing His Late Grandpa’s Voice In A Teddy Bear

When Ryan’s grandfather died he was heartbroken, but now he gets to listen to his voice whenever he wants to.


Jessica Turpin from Ohio gave her son Ryan, a very special gift after his grandfather tragically died from COVID-19.

6-year-old Ryan has been undergoing treatment for leukemia since 2018 and after he heard of the death of his grandfather, “Bubba Lou,” in May, he was utterly devastated.

Turpin wanted to cheer up Ryan and so she made him a custom Build-A-Bear and used old voicemails from his grandfather to create special messages for him when he squeezes the bear.

She even dressed the toy bear in clothes that were like those worn by his late grandfather would wear when he used to take Ryan for sports.

She added one final touch to the Build-A-Bear “birth certificate” which showed the bear was named Bubba Lou Bear and it was born on the day Ryan’s grandfather died.

When Ryan was gifted the bear, she recorded his heartbreaking reaction, “I miss him so much,” Ryan says in the video while clinging to the bear. “I miss you grandpop, I’m always thinking about you and I cry because I really miss you.”

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Alicia Kerns
Alicia Kerns

My heart breaks for this little boy. God bless him and many prayers for him.

Kimberly Kau
Kimberly Kau

Aloha from Hawaii.

This story made me cry and was so heartwarming.

Thank you for sharing.
God bless.

Paula Rader
Paula Rader

You know what Ryan, remember what I’m about to tell you. This is what I told my daughters when they lost their Adah, which was like your Bubba Lou,
He is always with you in your head and your heart with the memories that you can keep in your secret loving memory box. On good days you can take them out and share past good times and thoughts , and on bad days when your feel bad and miss him so much, you can take them out and wear them when you need his comfort. After each time ,put the lid of that imaginary memory box aside, just until you need it again ! See your really never alone missing Bubba Lou.
With warm thoughts I wish you well!
Paula Rader


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