Teens Sees a Homeless Man Counting His Change For The Meal, Then Gives Him An Incredible Surprise

When the boys Joshua Mechell, Ryan Cook and Alberto Montiel saw the homeless man sitting in the Corpus Christi restaurant, he was crying and struggling to pay for the meal. So the teens decided to buy a gift card for him. The restaurant staffs told them that the man, Eddie only ever asks for water or nuggets for his pet dog. They were touched by his selflessness and that led them to do more for him. Teens told him to wait as they went to a nearby shop to buy a coat, three shirts, hats, and a first-aid kit and surprised him with the items. Eddie told the teens that he didn’t get anything in the last Christmas, so he’s touched by their amazing act. The kind-hearted boys is planning to do more for him and they hope their act would inspire others to give.

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