Group Of Teens Teaches 5-Year-Old Autistic Boy To Ride Skateboard On His Birthday

It was a perfect birthday celebration for 5-year-old Carter when a group of boys helped him use a mini skateboard and even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

Carter has autism and ADHD, and when his mom, Kristen Braconi, took him to a skate park in South Brunswick, New Jersey, for his fifth birthday.

Carter was riding his scooter, when a group of older kids showed up and started to teach him how to use a mini skateboard. They helped him balance on it, and encouraged him, and lifted him up when he fell down and also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

“The kids went above and beyond and that’s what it was all about,” said Braconi, who caught the kind act on camera and even shared it on the local community’s Facebook page.

“I wanted to recognize the kids and their parents because when you can show their parents how kind and respectful they are when you aren’t around you know you have done a great job!” she said.

Braconi says the teens did not know that Carter has autism. “They wanted to do that for him and their kindness and inclusion without knowing anything was going on with him, it was amazing,” she said, adding that Carter gained a lot of confidence from the positive social interaction.

One of the older boys can even be heard saying, “This kid’s already better than me.”

Braconi and her son went to get ice cream and sandwiches and brought them back for the kids, but wanted to thank the older kids who had already left by then.

So the South Brunswick police shared an appeal on Twitter to find them and reward them for their kindness.

Soon enough they were found and it’s going to be one big party as Braconi put it, “We will be having a pizza party, possibly next week.”

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