Tim Tebow Restrains The Tears While Paying Tribute To His ‘Hero Of The Faith’ Ravi Zacharias

News poured in of renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias returning home from the hospital after doctors said there is nothing more they can do to treat his cancer has shocked the Christian world.

After learning about it, professional baseball player for New York Mets and Christian believer, Tim Tebow restrained the tears while he spoke about how Ravi’s ministry had impacted his life.


Zacharias has been in a battle with a rare form of bone cancer since March and was recently informed by doctors that there’s nothing more they can do.

On Friday, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries shared an update on his health from Sarah Davis, CEO of RZIM and Zacharias’ daughter, who informed the ministry’s global staff about her father’s condition. “We have just learned that while the tumor in my dad’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened,” Davis wrote. “His oncologist informed us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that no options for further treatment remain. Medically speaking, they have done all they are able.”


Tebow’s heartfelt message on Instagram focused on how his life was transformed by Ravi’s ministry and he also asked others who’ve also been impacted by his ministry join him in sharing how he’s helped them.

“I think it’s really important in life to have heroes, and especially in the faith, and one of my heroes of the faith is a man named Ravi Zacharias. He’s not doing very well,” the former NFL quarterback-turned-Minor League Baseball player said.

“So one, I would like to ask you to be praying for him. And two, I know Ravi has inspired me and millions of people around the world; so if he’s someone that has inspired you, I would like for you to please write a sweet caption on this, because I would love to be able to show this to him and his team,” Tebow said.

He hopes to put together a montage of messages for Zacharias to read while he’s back home with his family in Atlanta, Georgia, enjoying whatever time the Lord grants him. “I’m so grateful for Ravi and his life and our friendship and everything that he has helped mentor me in,” Tebow said. “I just want to share so many of these stories, how he’s touched your life, how he’s touched my life, to be able to encourage him before he goes home to his forever home with his Heavenly Father.”

“He will definitely be in the hall of faith, and we’re just so grateful for his life, for his impact, for his ministry,” he added.

Zacharias first revealed he had bone cancer in March Facebook post where he announced that doctors had discovered a cancerous tumor on the sacrum, a cancer called sarcoma.

“We are trusting the Lord in this, and we believe we have already seen evidence of His hand,” he said at the time.

Let us continue to uplift Ravi Zacharias, a great man of God in our prayers and ask the Lord to heal him completely from the rare cancer and make him completely whole again. Amen!


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