Toddler With Golden Girls Hairstyle Takes The Internet By Storm

Evelyn Mae Mathas, a one-year-old, has captured the hearts of the internet with her Golden Girls hairstyle. The Toddler’s unique look was crafted by her grandmother, a professional hairstylist.

toddler golden girls hairstyle

Evelyn, or “Evie” as her family lovingly calls her, received her first hairstyle from her grandma. The result was astonishing. Evie ended up looking like a mini version of Betty White, a star from “The Golden Girls.”

little girl with golden girls hairstyle evelyn mae mathas

As soon as Evelyn’s new hairstyle was paired with the “Golden Girls” theme song online, nostalgia took over. People couldn’t help but share their joy and memories. They compared Evelyn to the show’s characters, like Blanche and Rose. This little girl sparked conversations about the good old days, all in good fun.

The online community embraced Evie’s look with open arms. Her mom and grandma enjoyed the flood of comments and suggestions. It became a fun project, guided by the memories and joy of the internet crowd.

toddler with golden girls hairstyle evelyn mae mathas

The responses were filled with humor and affection. One person remarked, “I’m Toddler Walters, and this is 20/20,” playfully imagining Evelyn as a toddler version of a famous TV journalist.

Another shared their amusement with her adorable movements, saying, “It’s the hip thrust and leg kick out for me.” The humor continued with another comment, “I took a jazzercise class from her in 89…”, further highlighting the playful and nostalgic connection people felt towards Evelyn’s look.

WATCH: Toddler Golden Girls Hairstyle Goes Viral

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