Triplets Separated at Birth Find Each Other

Three sisters who were separated at birth have found their way back to each other. Now living just minutes apart in Texas, they’ve turned their unique journey into a source of inspiration for others.

triplets separated at birth austin texas

Three decades ago, a couple from Colorado faced a difficult decision that would alter the course of three lives. Kathleen and Lee were blessed with triplets with the help of a sperm donor. However, financial strains and personal challenges made it impossible for them to raise all three girls.

With heavy hearts, they made the painful decision to put two of the girls, Kendall and Julianne Scavo, up for adoption, while they kept and raised Rikki Jump.

Rikki grew up with the knowledge of her sisters, while Kendall and Julianne remained in the dark until a Christmas morning. Their adoptive parents chose this special day to reveal the truth, paving the way for the sisters to forge a connection.

They began exchanging letters, becoming pen pals, and at the tender age of 11, they shared their first in-person meeting at a mall—a moment described as a puzzle piece sliding into place, especially poignant for Rikki, who had been grappling with the loss of her father.

Now, all grown up and living in Austin, Texas, the sisters have rekindled their relationship, seeing each other several times a week and even starting a podcast to share their unique journey.

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