‘It’s Like God Sent Him To Be There’: Trooper Pulls Dad Over For Speeding, Ends Up Saving His Baby’s Life

A state trooper in North Carolina pulls over a man for speeding on the highway and saves his infant from dying after he was made aware of the reasons.

trooper pulls over speeding dad

Derrick Stroud was going over 100mph with his newborn baby inside the car when he was asked to pull over. His 9-weeks-old daughter, a triplet, was suffering with RSV symptoms and he had to get to the hospital as soon as he could, as it was a medical emergency. He was aware of the speed of his vehicle going over the limit but it was a dire situation for him.

“I really had no words other than focusing on getting my baby to the hospital to get taken care of,” he said. “Although we knew it was the season for this stuff, we really didn’t pick up on it. Other than a little cough, and that cough went from cough to a hoarse cry in a matter of three to six hours, ” he explained.

The state trooper, Matthew Brown was on his usual duty and had flagged down Stroud’s vehicle for speeding which actually turned out to be a miraculous intervention. The former EMT, quickly learned of the emergency situation and stepped into check the little girl and made sure she was breathing properly. His timely actions helped the panicking father ease his fears.

“When I got back there, the baby was unresponsive sitting in the child’s seat. I turned her head towards me, and I could see that her lips started to go blue and there was a lot of trouble breathing,” Brown said. “Once I got her out of the seat, she started to breathe a little bit better. Her blueness started to go away, and I started to rub her back and stimulate her to keep her awake so she could focus on getting her breathing back to normal.”

The couple is extremely grateful to Brown for his help and is at loss for words to express their gratitude for the critical help they received from Brown that day. “It’s like God sent him to be there,” Stroud said.