Stranger Finds Balloon With A List Of Wishes, Fulfills All For 4-Year-Old Twins 650 Miles Away

There are many stories on the internet about people’s dreams and wishes being fulfilled, but this one is the best.

4-year-old twins from Liberal, Kansas, released a balloon with a wish list to Santa Claus in December, and now months later someone 600 miles away found the balloon and help make them true.


Luna Gonzalez and her twin sister Gianella poured their hearts out into their wish list and let their balloon go four months ago, with no idea that the activity would lead to a new friendship.

Meanwhile, near Shreveport, Louisiana, Alvin Bamburg was hunting when he found something unusual. “I was on my hunting lease. I was deer hunting. I went to my other stand to check it out and I saw a balloon in a treetop,” he said.

He said God told him to take a closer look, and discovered five Christmas wishes for Luna and Gianella attached to the balloon, which included Santa for candy, a Spider-Man ball, a “Frozen” doll, a puppy and My Little Pony. Bamburg decided to do the needful and posted the balloon and the note on Facebook, which led him to find the girls who released it.

Hoy le mandamos carta a Santa Claus 🎅💝⛄🎁🤍❤️ 12/01/20

Today we sent a letter to Santa 🎅

Posted by Leticia Flores-Gonzalez on Tuesday, 1 December 2020

He then started gathering the gifts and mailed them to the twins. Friends, family, and coworkers were among those who helped Bamburg in the effort. “He took the time out of the day while he was hunting to grab it and see what it was that caught his eye and he could’ve just left it there or taken it home, but he put it on social media and it went on from there.”

New Update:

I’ve talked to the mom! What we decided would be best is for anyone who would like to send gifts, send me…

Posted by Alvin Bamburg on Saturday, 2 January 2021

“It’s something so nice. There are so many wonderful people behind him and his wife,” Luna and Gianella’s mother, Leticia Gonzalez said.

But there was still one thing on the list that Bamburg couldn’t mail, so two weeks later, Bamburg and his wife drove several hours to meet the girls with their final gift, a puppy. “To see those little girls smile like that… They got down on the ground, the puppy ran and crawled up on their laps. He was wagging his little tail so fast. There’s no amount of money you can put on something like that,” Bamburg said.

Now he and his wife are friends with the girls and their family, his message is simple, “It’s just the right thing to do,” Bamburg said. “This world is crazy right now. People just need kindness.”


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