Identical Twins Separated At Birth Have Emotional Reunion

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry are twin sisters, but they hadn’t seen each other since they were born. The Chinese kids were adopted by two different American families and had been hundreds of miles apart. Audrey had asked her parents for a sister for Christmas. It made her mother Jennifer Doering curious about her daughter’s past. And she discovered something incredible with the help of a Chinese researcher. It was a photo of Audrey with her Chinese foster mom, who is also carrying another baby that looked just like Audrey. Then Doering found that the other baby girl was her daughter’s twin who had also been adopted by a US family. She could able to find Gracie’s mother, Nicole Rainsberry, with the help of Facebook. And this is the tear-jerking moment, the beautiful twins meet for the first time on live TV after being separated at birth.

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