Strangers Helps Woman Find Autistic Girl’s Favorite Dress

An act of kindness by rank strangers towards an autistic girl has gone viral online. People responded enthusiastically to an appeal put out by a woman, to find a dress for her friend’s daughter with autism.

Deborah Price said the young girl would only wear a particular dress – a long grey tunic with a rainbow heart on the front. She wrote, “I asked people not to judge because in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter does it.”

She tweeted asking if anyone had the dress and would sell it in age 11+, since Next were not stocking it anymore. “She’ll eventually grow out of her fascination with this dress or not,” she posted. “Who cares. Doesn’t matter. It would just give her and her mum a bit of breathing space and make the dress stress less.”

She received an overwhelming number of offers with some even offering to make it for her. Next also saw the tweet, and said that although they had dropped the item from its kids line, they would ask the supplier if they could produce some more batches of it.

A mum who had the dress in age 16+, said she would send it to her, and another one offered to send it in age 10+ sizing. “Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers,” Price wrote. “Massive thanks to each and every one of you… and huge thanks to the two girls who have chosen to send their dresses. She added, “You’ve made a little girl really happy to continue to be in her favorite dress.”

Through acts of kindness such as these, we can see that people still have a caring heart in the world, and our faith in humanity is restored through these stories.

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