Two Skaters in their 60s Dazzle with a ‘Mission Impossible’ Routine

Sports are often seen as a young people’s game. We’re used to seeing athletes hang up their boots when they can’t match their earlier speed or strength. However, ice skaters Anita Hartshorn, 66, and Frank Sweiding, 68, are proof that age is no barrier to spectacular performances.

anita hartshorn and frank sweiding ice skating

A video of their extraordinary ice skating routine set to the “Mission Impossible” theme song has caught the attention of many on YouTube. The performance begins with Frank lifting Anita onto his shoulders. He then turns her upside down and spins around on the ice with her feet placed on either side of his head.

When Anita is back on the ice, it’s time for the next stunt. Frank lifts her again, but this time he holds her upside down and spins her around, her head just inches from the ice.

Around the one-minute mark, Frank lifts Anita and flips her over his shoulder. She appears to dive head-first toward the ice, but she lands perfectly on her feet.

The climax of their routine is the most daring. Frank lifts Anita by one leg and swings her around at high speed. Her head seems dangerously close to the ice several times.

The strength, timing, and skill of these two skaters is incredible. They are inspiring reminders that age does not limit what we can achieve.

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