Woman Dances With Joy After Receiving First-Ever Pair Of Shoes From A Kind Stranger

A pair of shoes became the source of joy for a Ugandan woman, who began dancing and beaming after she received a pair from a total stranger.


The woman hails from one of the poorest countries in Africa, where even electricity is not available and people use burning of wood and excrement for energy.

But what is more frightening is the link between shoelessness and a horrible disease called podoconiosis or elephantiasis, as pointed pointed out by Dr. Gail Davey of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, which doesn’t originate from parasites, but when a person walks on volcanic soils barefoot. Dr Davey says it is reversible with hygiene and bandaging, and shoes and socks.


Laura Grier gave the gift of shoes to a Ugandan woman whom she saw walking barefoot, she says, “When I saw the woman on the side of the road barefoot I urged my driver to stop. The woman was barefoot and had never owned shoes before,” Grier said.

She told the driver to stop and asked him to give the shoes to the woman, and her priceless reaction has been captured and shared numerous times on social media.

The video shows the woman beaming as the driver ties unlaces the sneakers for her. She bounces up and down out of pure joy.

She gives Grier a thumbs-up as the first shoes is fitted on her foot, then when the second one is put on, she starts swaying her body and dancing.

What this Kind Samaritan did for this Ugandan woman  has re-instilled our confidence in humanity.