Veteran Breaks Down In Tears After Strangers Surprised Him With A New Scooter

79-year-old TikTok sensation and veteran, Kenny Jary, was shocked when he got to know of the crowdfunding effort to help buy him a new mobility scooter, the nation was charmed by his tearful reaction.

veteran scooter tiktok

The Willernie, Minnesota native joined TikTok after his friend and neighbor Amanda Kline helped create his id @patriotickenny in August.
But he became a viral sensation after a video showing his mobility scooter breaking down became trending in the U.S. Kline started a GoFundMe for the veteran that has since raised more than $111,000.

“That is so wonderful,” he said through tears. “I’m sorry for being emotional but I can’t help it.” The TikTok video posted by his user name “patriotickenny” had 11.2 million views since being shared on Sept. 15.

Now the U.S. veteran wants to pay it forward after being inspired by his own success, he is hoping to buy mobility scooters for 25 other needy veterans by starting a new GoFundMe for them.

This new effort has already brought in $24,000, and his TikTok manager Kline says that they would be raising money through Veteran’s Day and see how big of an amount they’s be able to garner. The scooter company is also chipping in by agreeing to sell the scooters at a discounted rate of $700.

More than 500 veterans have been nominated till now, Kline wrote. Jary’s mobility scooter that he had recently received was a lightweight option which can be folded up when not in use.

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