Woman Gifts Teacher A Brand New Car To Show Her Appreciation

The contribution of a teacher to society is priceless, but most of them don’t get paid enough and are not appreciated enough by people.

Being a teacher in the rural suburbs of Alabama, with not much income meant that you would need to travel by public transport, and sometimes would also need to change 3-4 buses so you can reach the school on time.

After hearing about how the teacher to her three children at school would need to change multiple buses and spend long hours travelling to school each day, made Courtney, the founder of hair care brand ‘The Mane Choice’, decided she was going to do something special for that teacher who had done so much fro her family all the years.

Courtney decided to purchase a brand new car to gift to the lady teacher so that it would make her life and travelling to school much simpler.

The video is a very emotional one and we had tears in our eyes when we saw the teacher being taken by surprise when Courtney took her outside her house to show her the new car standing on the lawn.

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