Marine Surprises Wife With Early Return At Lambeau Field

Don’t we all love surprises, especially if our loved one returns home early from one of their long journeys.

It was a really special time when Green Bay Packers paid a special tribute to Sergeant Michael Kimmerling a United States Marine at Lambeau Field.

Kimmerling had been away from his wife Cassie and family for a long time and was scheduled to arrive in Wisconsin, but he had returned home early and wanted to surprise her at Lambeau Field just before the game could begin.

So the Green Bay Packers paid him a special tribute to Sergeant Michael Kimmerling during a 2014 Packers-Bears game for the ‘Operation Fan Mail.’

You can see a visibly shaken Cassie hugging her husband who managed to surprise her. Hope these two spend all their time together before he is again called to duty.

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