Woman Gives Her Own Coat To Shivering Dog So He Can Stay Warm In Freezing Cold

As the winter cold intensified in the Boston area during Christmas, people witnessed a heartwarming act of kindness by a woman, who took off her winter coat, and put it on a shivering dog.


Kristina Hollie was the bystander who gave a first-hand account of the incident, she says she was standing near a bus stop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and noticed a woman heading toward the post office while walking her dog on a leash.

As she couldn’t take her pup inside the post office, she tied the dog with the leash to a tree while she completed her errands. But before she left, she made sure the dog was bundled up, by removing her jacket and wrapping it around the dog so he stayed cozy waiting outside.


“I saw two or three other people walk past him and comment that he looked very cute and very warm.” Hollie said, “It was very cold and windy out, I noticed that he was visibly shaking.”

Hollie continued, “She obviously noticed too because she immediately took off her jacket and covered the dog as he sat. Maybe she thought he would kick it off, so she bent down and zipped it up around him!”

The pooch looked adorable in the dark green puffy coat as his owner ran inside the post office. The owner later emerged after completing her tasks to retrieve her pet who looked cute as a button according to Hollie who was still at the bus stop.


“As soon as she got up and walked past me, I told her that what she did was incredibly sweet and thoughtful,” Hollie said. “She just replied, ‘Thank you! I don’t want him to be cold!’”

People passing by also admired the dog as he looked cute and adorable. “I saw two or three other people walk past him and comment that he looked very cute and very warm,” Hollie said.

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This is such a heartfelt act of kindness by the dog owner to her pooch, our hearts are warmed with this beautiful story.

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