Woman Who Nearly Died On The Operating Table Visits Heaven And Returns To Share Her Testimony

Tricia Barker says she visited heaven and returned after she nearly died on the operating table following a terrible accident. Today she is sharing her powerful testimony.

woman goes to heaven Tricia Barker

Tricia Barker suffered a terrible car accident during her college senior year. It crushed her spine and she was rushed into emergency surgery where she started bleeding on the table. At that time she says she had an amazing experience when she went to Heaven and returned back.

Tricia goes to heaven

Tricia Barker remembers looking at her body from the top of the emergency room before she flew to the stars and knew she was in heaven when she met God face-to-face.

She spoke of that moment saying, “It was almost like I was up in the corner of the room and I had this knowledge of my spirit form as the mirror image of my body but it was composed of light,” she recalled.

Tricia looked down at the surgeons’ table and saw them working hard on her. “I was looking down at the surgeon’s table and I remember thinking there is so much blood. Why is there so much blood?”

Angels healing her

She then saw bright and shining angels who came to her and assured her that she was absolutely safe in the hands of God. She saw them healing her body and the surgeons’ hands who were busy trying to save her life.

While the angels were healing her body, she was fully aware she was in heaven and then the most impossible thing happened when she met her grandpa again who had passed away in his 70s.

Tricia meets God

Her grandpa was glowing with light and then she met God who told her that she would have to go back to earth because there was a very special purpose for her life.

Tricia Barker says that God’s love is so amazing, “You can’t imagine that love, it’s so intense and we don’t feel anything like it, we feel glimpses of it here,” she said. “I felt as if everything that was dead was now alive. My grandfather showed up and he looked beautiful. He had died in his seventies but in heaven, he was glowing with light.”

What a wonderful experience Tricia had and today she is living out her purpose in life by sharing her testimony to remind the world that God is real, just because we can’t see Him, it doesn’t mean He is not real.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)


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