Squirrel Fighting For His Life Rescued By Woman Taking Out Her Trash

One woman who was taking out the trash saw something moving in the trash can and when she had a closer look at it, she discovered it was a squirrel who was struggling not to drown in it.


The brother of the woman shared a write-up about the incident on social media saying, “It was freezing cold outside and the squirrel couldn’t move after he got out of the bucket. My sister brought him in and put him on her heating pad with a towel and a ton of peanuts and he didn’t show any signs of getting better.”


He continued saying, “She checked on him a couple hours later and he jumped out of the box and looked like he was back to normal and almost dry. So she let him back outside and he’s been coming back ever since to say hi and she feeds him.”

It must have been a heart-wrenching situation for the squirrel who was literally fighting for his life in the trash can and was saved only because of the woman who noticed his situation and decided to help him out.


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