Grandma Uses Hair Dryer As Radar Gun To Slow Down Speeding Drivers

An elderly woman with a hair dryer as a radar gun has become the talk of the town in Montana.

woman uses hair dryer as radar gun

Patti, a grandmother living near the bustling Glacier National Park, noticed the frequent speeding on her road due to the heavy tourist traffic. Concerned for the safety of her community, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With a lawn chair, a drink, and a hair dryer in tow, Patti stationed herself by the road, mimicking the actions of a traffic officer conducting a speed check.

Her innovative approach to road safety didn’t go unnoticed. Drivers began to ease off the pedal, puzzled and amused by the sight of a grandmother with a hair dryer.

Patti’s efforts even attracted the attention of local law enforcement. A Montana trooper expressed his appreciation for her creative attempt to make the roads safer. He honored her with the title of ‘honorable trooper’, complete with a hat and badge.

Patti shared her story on The Kelly Clarkson Show, explaining, “We’re very close to Glacier National Park, so we get a lot of tourists going around on our road. And they fly by. So, my son thought he’d put me up on the road and give me a hair dryer and pretend it was a radar gun.”

Her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, a little creativity and a lot of care for one’s community can go a long way in making a difference.

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