‘Yahweh’ Powerful Worship Song by Leeland

Leeland’s latest contemporary Christian worship song titled ‘Yahweh’ is not only inspiring and beautiful in its arrangement. But the song talks about the thirst and hunger of the believer for a closer relationship with God [Yahweh], and calls out to every believer to seek God sincerely and with spiritual seriousness.


The Texas-based band consists of Leeland Mooring, who is the lead singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, and Casey Moore, guitarist, and co-writer.

They came into prominence in the worship music genre in 2004 and have been nominated for four GRAMMY Awards and eight GMA Dove Awards.

In the song, the singer asks Yahweh to breathe on them, which can be interpreted as a metaphor for asking for spiritual renewal, guidance, or inspiration.

Breathe on me breath of God
Til I am wholly Thine
Til every earthly part
Glows with Your fire divine
Glows with Your fire divine

The singer prays to God to breathe His breath on them until they are completely His. The line “Til every earthly part” suggests that the singer desires to be wholly transformed by God’s power, even in the earthly, human aspects of their life. The phrase “Glows with Your fire divine” suggests that the singer wants to radiate with God’s divine power and be a reflection of His glory.

Breathe on me breath of God
Until my heart is pure
To love the things You love
And want for nothing more
And want for nothing more

Furthermore, the singer continues to ask God to breathe on them until their heart is pure. The singer desires to love the things that God loves and to be content with nothing more than what God desires for them.

When You breathe
Dry bones come to life
When You breathe
Dead hearts beat inside
When You breathe
Heaven comes to earth
It changes everything

The song strongly emphasizes the transformative power of God’s breath. The image of “dry bones coming to life” comes from the Biblical story of Ezekiel, where God breathes life into a valley of dry bones. The line “dead hearts beat inside” suggests that God’s breath can revive even the most broken and lifeless parts of a person’s heart. God’s breath brings a touch of the divine to the earthly realm and has the power to change everything in a person’s life.

The song is a prayer to God for His Holy Spirit to fill the singer, purify their heart, and transform their life. The lyrics suggest that the breath of God has the power to revive the dead, heal the broken, and transform the earthly into divine.


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