Young Man Helps Elderly Neighbor In The Rain Carrying Bags

With just about a week left for Christmas, there is a mad rush by people, hurrying to finish their last minute shopping in such a frenzy that they don’t even notice people around them.

This heart wrenching story of kindness and compassion much needed during the holidays will melt your heart. The other day when driving to the grocery store, there was a lady in front who honked at the car which was in front of her after it stopped for a few seconds. The car was at a parking spot along the front of a store and stopped halfway, the driver was a young man, so when the lady saw that he left his car idle she started honking and moved her car around him to get past him.

But was happening in reality was that the young man had seen an elderly gentleman trying to enter his car in the adjacent parking spot, but was finding it difficult as his arms were loaded up with bags and he could not open his car door. So the kindhearted young man got out of his car and and opened the door of the old man’s car to help him load up his groceries and enter the car.

It would have been better if the woman had opened her car door and gone to see why the young man had left his car idle, probably she would have had a little more sympathy and patience.

Another young man, Jordan jumped up and ran out of the house with an umbrella much to his mom’s perplexity, but what she saw him doing through the windows melted her heart. It was a rainy day and she saw an elderly neighbor struggling to walk home with a lot of bags in hand, but he had no umbrella and was wearing only a cap and jacket to protect him from the rains.

The young man had been trained by his mom to show kindness and mercy to others on need, and that was what he did, by helping the old man with his bags and protecting him with his umbrella from the rain.

It is really true that a small act of kindness goes a long, long way.

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