Police Officer Helps Young Man Pull Off Marriage Proposal

A young man’s marriage proposal turned extraordinary with the help of a police officer, showcasing how life’s significant moments can sometimes involve unexpected participants.

police officer assists in surprise marriage proposal

In this heartwarming event, Craig Vandenberg sought to make his proposal to his girlfriend Emery unforgettable. He enlisted the assistance of a police officer, adding an unusual twist to the occasion.

The story, captured in a YouTube video, starts with the officer calling Emery under the guise of finding Craig’s lost wallet. He invites her to the college campus, cleverly setting the stage for Craig’s surprise proposal.

As the officer speaks with Emery, Craig waits nearby with a bouquet. The officer makes sure Craig is prepared, asking, “You have the ring with you, right?” With Craig’s affirmative response, the anticipation builds.

When Emery arrives, Craig emerges from the back of the squad car, flowers in hand. He leads her towards a scenic lake, gets down on one knee, and presents the ring. Overwhelmed with joy, Emery immediately says, “Yes!”

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