Children’s Choir Sings ‘A World Of Peace’ On 75th Anniversary Of Holocaust Remembrance Day

PS22 Choir sang a moving cover of ‘A World Of Peace’ by Holocaust survivors Inge Auerbacher, Madeline Stone and Alvin Love while commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany.


The PS22 Choir serenaded Inge Auerbacher, who miraculously survived the Terezin camp. She composed the song, ‘A World of Peace’ which was co-written by Madeline Stone, and Grammy-winner Alvin Love (son of CeCe Winans).


Afterwards the kids got an unforgettable experience to sit down with Inge to have a meaningful conversation on how it was during the Holocaust as a child their age.


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Steve Johnson

Bring peace to our fallen world, Father. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Clayshia A Willis

Thank you for such inspiration!

Greg Smith

Truly Inspiring


Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful song beautiful children beautiful message. We pray for peace!

Ivana Grace

I grieve for these innocent little ones, learning about the awful cost of war from one who suffered, singing about ‘Peace’, yet growing up in a world/nation where it is now a ‘business’, promoted by corporate leaders who care nothing about what kind of a world they are passing on to these children..!

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