MLB Star Adam Wainwright Invites His Followers To Study The Bible With Him And Gets Overwhelming Response

Major League Baseball star, Adam Wainwright put out an invitation on social media to thousands of his fans, to read the Bible with him through the year.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright, is not shy of his faith and while speaking of his baptism in an interview in 2018, he said the act meant that he could “finally let go” and “let the world know that I am a child of God.”

He invited scores of his Twitter followers to join him in his walk of faith and recently launched a new Twitter account dedicated to “studying God’s word in community.”

It said, “Hey everybody. This won’t be for everyone, but it’s an important part of my life,” Adam shared. “Most of y’all probably just want to talk baseball, etc. BUT, if you want to read through the Bible with me In one year you can join my other twitter account… @walkingwwaino We’ll start Jan 12″

Wainwright shared a link to his Bible study calling it the “Bible Engagement Plan.”

He added, “This plan will show you the patterns or disciplines that work best for you in diving into God’s Word,” he wrote.

“Do you need to read early before you get going? Does your mind work better at night? Maybe you’re a midday-lunch-break kinda person. Find out what works best for you and stick to it as best you can. One thing that’s worked for me is to go somewhere quiet, and before you start, ask God to show or teach you something in that day’s reading.”

He said about his discipleship journey that accountability which comes with leading small groups through the Word is one of the greatest strengthening tools.” The sportsman said, “It’s also been a real challenge because when you lead you can’t miss a day!” the sportsman joked.

On the first day, Wainwright said, “Glad to see everyone on here. The commentary and back and forth is what is going to take this study of Gods Word to the next level. Keep it going. Great first day… lot of good points made and some really good questions.”

“Thank you for doing this! We are truly blessed here in St Louis to have you lead such a good example for our children,” one person wrote.

“Thanks for doing this. I’ve been praying to get into a small group to start reading the Bible consistently,” another added. “Pretty cool how God can bring something like this to you when you asked for it.”

It’s so encouraging to see iconic sportsman and leaders stand up for their faith and encourage their followers in the things of God. We pray for more stars and influencers to use their fan following for the advancement of the gospel.

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